The Oratory of St John Vianney


Tu es sacerdos in aeternum Ps 110:4


Are you a Sacred Minister, a priest or a deacon? 

Do you sometimes feel lonely in your ministry, in your vocation, in your life?

Are you a layperson keen to support Sacred Ministers in their life and work? 

Perhaps you are single, celibate, chaste, or perhaps you are married or living with family, even so it is possible to feel lonely as a Sacred Minister. 

The Oratory of St John Vianney is purposed to be a way for Sacred Ministers to feel less lonely in their life and work. Fraternity and fellowship are essentially what the Oratory seeks to offer; 

fraternity: a family of brothers for those Sacred Ministers who live and/or work alone and who want that sense of "belonging to someone"; 

fellowship:  for Sacred Ministers generally who want to share the experience of living the Sacred Ministry with others, who want to pool and share ideas, resources, experiences and ongoing formation.

From the Founder and Provost: The Mt Revd Jerome Lloyd OSJV

Dear friend

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website of the Oratory of St John Vianney, on behalf of my brother Oratorians I should like to bid you "welcome and peace".

The vocation of the Oratorians of St John Vianney is twofold, namely to try to live the spiritual and pastoral zeal of St John Vianney and to do that within the context of the spirituality, and when possible, the communal and apostolic life St Philip Neri exampled by his brothers in the Congregation of the Oratory.

The Oratorians of St John Vianney seek to promote the Sacred Ministry (of deacons, priests and bishops) to the Church at large and to the world, as a fulfilling and worthy way of life through the joy and witness of our own lives.  The Oratorians hope that through the simple witness of our own lives in our local communities and Churches, those whom God may be calling to the Sacred Ministry will feel inspired and encouraged to draw near.

St John Vianney was noted for his dedication to his parishioners, he is venerated as one of the Church's greatest examples of the perfection of sacerdotal (priestly) vocation.  This humble, simple and yet extremely gifted man was so highly regarded for his selfless dedication to serving, guiding and consoling his parishioners through their own spiritual lives, that he became a much sought after Confessor by people from miles beyond the boundaries of his own parish.  The Oratorians of St John Vianney seek to emulate that real and tangible, charitable zeal of the Curé and we hope to provide something for those that follow him, such "workers in the vineyard" with activities to relax, recuperate, rejuvenate and return with yet more dedication and verve to the service of God's people, of Christ's faithful.

As the good Curé once said himself and which we lesser men in our Oratory, dedicated to his patronage, strive daily to do honour,

“Go to confession to the Blessed Virgin, or to an angel; will they absolve you? No. Will they give you the Body and Blood of Our Lord? No. The Holy Virgin cannot make her Divine Son descend into the Host. You might have two hundred angels there, but they could not absolve you. A priest, however simple he may be, can do it; he can say to you, "Go in peace; I pardon you.” Oh, how great is a priest! The priest will not understand the greatness of his office till he is in Heaven. If he understood it on earth, he would die, not of fear, but of love. The other benefits of God would be of no avail to us without the priest. What would be the use of a house full of gold, if you had nobody to open you the door! The priest has the key of the heavenly treasures; it is he who opens the door; he is the steward of the good God, the distributor of His wealth. Without the priest, the Death and Passion of Our Lord would be of no avail. Look at the heathens: what has it availed them that Our Lord has died? Alas! They can have no share in the blessings of Redemption, while they have no priests to apply His Blood to their souls!"

So it is that we, wherever we serve, wait always for your knock at our door, that this vocation in us to serve you may be sustained and fulfilled, that we may “open you the door” to the “heavenly treasures” and that you “may find peace and rest” for your soul and by so doing may enable us to reach that place where the "greatness of our office" may be understood by us...

Fraternally in Christ

From the Provost...